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Our values - the DNA of our business

At shopsmart we believe that serving our customers comes with a sense of responsibility, which is why our core aim is to ensure you have a great shopping experience and are satisfied with your purchase.

Individually, our values may seem obvious, but if you put them together, they define who we are, what we stand for and how we treat our customers.  


1 – We are Agile 

We ensure a consistently open and transparent relationship between ourselves, our suppliers, merchant partners and customers, enabling us to focus on delivering value, with the ability to adapt to change. 




 2 – We are Collaborative

We trust, support, and encourage each other by sharing our ideas and skills to solve the challenging and complex problems faced by retailers doing business online. By using the power of teamwork, we deliver exceptional online shopping experiences that we can all be proud of.




3 – We are Passionate

We are passionate about what we do, how we do it and aim to go above and beyond the very best we can – all with a highly infectious energy.




4 – We are Imaginative

We always keep the bigger picture in mind when proposing new ideas. By thinking of ourselves as digital innovators and change makers, we aspire to dream and take chances to share and develop these ideas with all our partners.


These values reflect the unique blend of qualities found in our systems, processes, and people. 

The shopsmart team