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Seller FAQs

1 – Why should I join shopsmart as a Seller?

There are many advantages of being part of the shopsmart family. One being that we are bringing decades of experience, knowledge and know how in helping businesses just like yours take advantage of the Web. Unlike a lot of online ventures, we are just getting started and are here for the long haul, so it is a great time to join us. 
See some other reasons why you should join shopsmart now.

2 – Okay I am interested; how do I join the shopsmart marketplace and start selling my products?

Opening an account with shopsmart is easy and straight forward. Simply go to our Vendor Sign Up page and complete our online form in as much detail as possible. Once we have received this, one of our team will get in touch and arrange a time that is convenient with you to go through the process of joining shopsmart as a Seller and why it could be one of the best business decisions you make.

3 – I am a sole trader and not a registered company, can I still join shopsmart and sell my products via your marketplace?

Yes – It does not matter whether you are a sole trader or a registered company, if you meet the conditions laid out in our Seller Terms, you could be eligible to join us.

4 – If I complete an application and provide the necessary documentation required to open an account, will I automatically get accepted as a Seller with shopsmart?

No – Each of our Sellers (or Merchant Partners as we call them) is personally vetted by our in-house team before joining us. To this effect, we ensure that each merchant goes through a rigorous assessment process and choose only the best and able partners.

5 – What is your criteria when accepting a new Merchant Partner on the shopsmart platform?

Our in-house team assess each potential partner in several key areas including specialism, product range, quality of shopping experience, and customer service – Our aim is to introduce our customers to only the best Sellers who offer the very best products from around Pakistan coupled with excellent service and customer experience.

6 – What role does shopsmart play between the Seller and the Buyer?

Our role at shopsmart is to facilitate transactions between Sellers and Buyers through provision of our online platform.  Our core focus is on the technology, the marketing and getting customers through your door, whilst you concentrate on product quality, dispatch and expanding your customer base.

7- Do you charge product listing fees?

No – We do not charge any listing fees and you as a Seller only pay us an agreed commission once we generate a sale for you.

8 – How to you handle and distribute payments for sales you generate?

We will process payments made by Buyers in respect of transactions made on our marketplace and pass such payment to you, the Seller on the Buyers’ behalf and in accordance with our T&Cs. At the same time, we will ensure that any fees due to shopsmart are deducted at source. 

9 – Why do you require our companies bank account details?

Bank account details and other similar information is essential to set up your account and transfer payment for the sales of goods from Buyers. All payments made to you will be within the timeframes and terms set out in our Sellers Terms which you will receive when you sign up with us.

10 – Can I sell anything via the shopsmart marketplace?

No - You may not list, offer for sale, or sell any prohibited items or any items whose sale, distribution, offering, import or export is prohibited or restricted by Pakistani Law. You are responsible for checking whether any such restrictions apply to the items you intend to sell and for the legal consequences of any breach of such laws. A full list of prohibited items can be found in your Sellers Terms.

11 - Additional questions & contact info

If you have any further questions about our Seller Terms, please reach out to us via our Contact Us page outlining the full nature of your query.