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General website FAQs

1 - Why should I buy from shopsmart?

Shopsmart is a new way to shop for amazing products from the comfort of your home. We are initially launching in Pakistan as an electronics store, but in due course we will be offering a wide range of merchandise from our local and national sellers (we call them, merchant partners) all over Pakistan.

2- What types of products do you offer?

At present, we only cater for the electrical and electronics genres, but over the next few months we will be introducing everything from furniture, lighting, women’s wear, men’s wear, plus a wide range of other goods.

3 - How do I find the cool stuff?

There are a few ways to discover and shop for cool products on shopsmart:

  • Keep an eye on our homepage – the products featured here are not only popular and, in some cases, new, but are also handpicked to ensure they meet a certain level of quality and originality.
  • Use the search function to find cool products that match your criteria. This is a great way to find gems that you might have otherwise missed.
  • Follow the sellers that interest you. All our sellers are vetted by us prior to joining shopsmart and update their content regularly.
  • If you have an account, browse through our recommendations, which are tailored to the content you have viewed and purchased previously.

4 - I have a question about a product - who do I ask?

You need to ask our merchant partners directly. We are an online marketplace and do not sell our own products (just our sellers' products), so we always recommend contacting the merchant partner with any product queries as they are the ones who know their products best.

We wanted to make it easy for you to contact our merchant partners, so there are several ways to do it: 

  • On the product page, click on the ‘Ask a question’ link which can be found just below the product price.
  • You can also visit a merchants shop, by clicking on the 'Vendor' link on the same page and then asking a question.
  • Alternatively, if you are already browsing the merchant’s shop, click on the 'Ask a question' button. 
  • You will then be asked to log in to your shopsmart account and a box will pop up where you can type your question to the merchant.

5 - What are shopsmart deals?

Alongside our everyday great savings, you will find our shopsmart deals. These highlight some of our popular products with great savings off the RRP, which are only available to our buyers. As we do not charge listing fees, our merchant partners are able to make savings and pass some of these savings on to you, so we decided to highlight their best offers for you to shop with ease!

6 - How can I keep up with my favourite sellers?

With a shopsmart account, you can follow any one of our merchant partners – By doing this, you will get access to new products as they are launched.

7 - How can I report a product violation?

We want to make sure that the products listed on shopsmart are not only of a high quality, but legal and ethical too. If you are aware of a product that violates the law (be it illegal, counterfeit, or an intellectual property violation), please contact us and we will be happy to investigate.

8 - Who is the team behind shopsmart?

Check out our story and meet some of the Team to learn more.

9 - Additional questions & contact info

If you have any further questions about our Website Terms, please reach out to us via our Contact Us page outlining the full nature of your query.